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    Tenax C-Flex Deer Fence (Virtually Invisible)

    Tenax C-Flex Deer Fence (Virtually Invisible)

    nelly-briggs.jpgTENAX has been producing deer fence for over 50 years, and is the largest plastic fence manufacturer in the United States. The advantages of TENAX deer fencing lie within the thick, rounded strands of mesh. Tenax deer fencing is made using a bi-oriented manufacturing process, resulting in a poly deer fence of optimum strength. The round strands are extremely tough, and are more invisible than flat or semi-rounded strands. The strength of the material reduces the likeliness of stretching and sagging, and the rounded shape allows wind to pass right through, minimizing the risk damage from the weather. 



    Round Bi Oriented Material Easy to install
    Less visible than semi-rounded strands Will not catch in the wind
    Resistant to stretching and sagging UV protection, will stand up to the elements

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