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    Steel Hex Deer Fence

    Steel Hex Deer Fence

    d-becker.jpgSteel Hex Web Deer Fence is recommended for homeowners and gardeners who are experiencing crop damage due to chewing rodents and high pressure from white-tailed deer. This is the ultimate rodent protection barrier!

    The benefits of owning a steel fence from Trident Enterprises lie within the fence mesh, creating a virtually invisible steel deer fence from approximately 20 feet away. Steel Hex Web Deer Fence is a unique deer fence system featuring 20 gauge steel with a protective PVC coating. Steel fence offer reliable garden protection against rabbits, groundhogs, gophers and other garden pests as they are chew-proof. This type of metal deer fence will last 20-30 years in the filed during all weather patterns. This type of metal fence can also be used to fence in backyard chickens. 

    Shop Steel Hex Deer Fence rolls today. 

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