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    It's Great Outdoors Month


    The kids are out of school for the summer and the weather is hot, hot, hot.

    June is when adults and children spend most of their time outside playing; exercising; and performing physical activities such as biking, jogging, hiking, camping and swimming. Because June is the kick-off to summer, it only makes sense that this month is declared as Great Outdoors Month (after all, outdoor enthusiasts frequent parks and recreational areas most often this time of year).

    There are 59 U.S. National Parks that families visit each year. And, these parks are a huge tourism stop for domestic and international travelers to snap and share photos and explore new terrain. In 2017, the National Park Service received over 330 million visitors adding to a grand total of 1.5 billion visits in the last 5 years. 10 parks received over 5 million visitors while another 81 parks received 5 million guests. National parks are great for trailblazing; mountain biking; and wildlife watching. 

    The top ranked national parks by visitation include:

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park


    Grand Canyon National Park


    Yosemite National Park


    Yellowstone National Park


    Rocky Mountain National Park


    bear-422682-1920-2-.jpgTravelers admit that they visit the best mountainous national parks for wildlife spotting in hopes of seeing caribou, moose, wolves, foxes and grizzly bears. Alaska, Washington, Colorado and California are some of the best places to spot wildlife.

    While we encourage outdoor enthusiasts to do what they love at a place they love doing it, we also encourage safety at our parks - and safety starts with wildlife fencing. The truth is that, as a hiker, we want to see wildlife; but we don't want to encounter them. This is why Trident Enterprises Fence asks that park services consider installing deer fencing around parks this summer to protect families and pets from wildlife encounters. 

    In mid-June, three walkers were injured from wildlife attacks in Yellowstone Park. Then, a teenager was attacked by a coyote. In May, a man was mauled to death by a bear. Wildlife encounter statistics can decrease, if we use the right wildlife management strategies to prevent future attacks from occurring.


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