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    Fixed Knot Fence Rolls

    Fixed Knot Fence Rolls

    livestock-fence.jpgWoven Wire Fence Rolls are the best choice for livestock owners. This is a strong agriculture fence to securing cattle, sheep, goats and chickens.

    This woven wire deer fence is made of high tensile steel that, due to its high carbon content, is stronger and lighter than other types of garden fence for wildlife management. Fixed Knot Woven Wire Fence is comprised of vertical strands of wire and line wires that are locked together to prevent shifting and sagging with a strong fixed knot. The sturdiness of this metal deer fence is evident in the reduced amount of posts required to hold the fence firm and straight—only one post need be placed every 20 feet on your fence line. You can expect your solid lock fence installation to last between 20-40 years.

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