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    Fence Kits

    Fence Kits

    Our deer fence kits for yards, garden nurseries, orchards and vineyards arrive ready to assemble with all of the fence materials needed to put up a garden fence from Trident Enterprises. Each  DIY fence kit comes with one roll of our poly deer fence or steel hex web fence, a drive cap, fence posts, ground stakes, self-locking ties, and more. Our satisfied, returning customers tell us that Trident's garden fence kits are easy to install and are extremely effective for keeping out deer and rodents from lawn and gardens. A garden fence kit is recommended for installers who have never built a deer fence and are looking for a worry-free solution to deer management.

    A poly fence kit is suggested for anyone who has light deer pressure in their area. Poly deer fences are lightweight to install but are made from a durable plastic fence mesh to stop white-tails from causing crop damage. Poly fence kits are not recommended for anyone who has trouble with chewing critters and heavy deer pressure.

    For a stronger fence, turn to the steel hex web fence kit. This virtually invisible metal deer fence has the same look and feel as chicken wire, and can be used to stop deer, rabbits, groundhogs and other chewing wildlife. This is a reliable chew-proof fence that will last at least 20-30 years in the field!

    We are here to help you find the right fencing kit that matches your needs. Contact Trident Enterprises with any questions.

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