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    7.5' x 100' Economy Plastic Deer Fence


    7.5' x 100' Economy Plastic Deer Fence



    Virtually Invisible 60 Grams
    Long-Lasting and Durable Made in the USA
    3-5 Year Life Expectancy UV-Protected Carbon Black Color
    ASTM Lab Certified Breaking Load of 500 lb/ft 1.75" x 2" Mesh Size
    18 lb Roll Weight Easy to Install; No Maintenance Necessary


    Our Economy Strength Fencing is the lightest and most affordable deer fencing option offered by Trident Corp.  Designed for use where deer pressure is light, and where a heavier and more expensive deer fence may be unnecessary, Economy Strength Fencing is appropriate for use with small residential gardens and for short-term or seasonal enclosures.  Economy Strength Fencing features UV-stabilization for increased longevity, a 1.75-inch by 2-inch grid and carbon black color for virtual invisibility, and a life expectancy of three to five years.  It also features our reinforced bottom, an improvement made to the bottom edge of our fencing that reinforces the most vulnerable area against chewing and digging damage. 

    Economy Strength deer fencing is our entry level strength.  It has a breaking load of 500 pounds—suitable for areas experiencing very light to light deer damage.  To protect against light to moderate deer damage, or for more permanent deer fencing enclosures, we recommend our Heavy Duty Strength deer fencing products. 

    Easy To Install

    Our deer fencing material is the best solution for busy contractors, landscapers, and fence installers. Ideal for use around gardens and properties. Easy To Install, no special knowledge required.

    Virtually Invisible

    Deer fencing is specially suited to protecting gardens, valuable landscapes, and any areas needing protection from deer, the last thing we want is for our deer fence to do is spoil your customers' view. Our deer fence uses a combination of color and mesh size to allow the fencing to almost disappear when installed properly.

    Common Uses For Economy Deer Fence

    Mainly used in areas with very light to light deer pressure, our Economy Strength deer fencing is perfect for enclosing vegetable gardens, raised beds, ornamental gardens, etc.   

    First, and most importantly, our deer fencing is all made right here in the United States. This is important for both jobs and quality control. Don't settle for the punched deer fencing sold by other retailers and manufactured overseas. These types of fence are not as strong, durable and as high quality as the Tridentcorp deer fencing.

    What are the Advantages of Using Trident Corp. Deer Fencing?

    There are are number of different styles of deer fence on the market claiming to be strong enough to keep out deer. Some of these products are folded and can be used to deter deer temporarily, but will not stop deer consistently. Other kinds can be torn apart by hand and are definitely not sufficient to keep deer out. Be sure to choose a UV stabilized deer fence with a breaking load of at least 600 lbs/ sq. ft, but stronger fencing is recommended for larger areas. 

    The key indicator to the strength of a deer fence is the breaking strength. Looking at this number will help determine the quality and longevity for your deer fence. Another factor for determining the strength of a deer fence is to check the weight. The lighter the fencing, the weaker the material. Tridentcorp deer fencing is available in breaking strengths far superior to the most commonly sold deer fence material readily available on the market today. Tridentcorp has been the leading supplier of deer fence material for over 20 years.

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